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A review of JavaScript drawing libraries for flowcharts, Gantt charts and timelines

Dr James Bayley


I manage my projects using my own ElephantPM project management methodology. This is a similar in many ways to PRINCE2 but is greatly simplified so that it is suitable for use by smaller organisations.

My needs

ElephantPM divides the Start-up stage into an analysis step and a planning step. During the analysis step it is necessary to create several diagrams,

  • A mind map showing the output of the Discovery Workshop
  • An “org chart” showing the breakdown of the project into Business Deliverables
  • A flow chart showing the order in which Business Deliverables should be made
  • A diagram showing the relationship between stages and the production of Business Deliverables

During the planning step it is necessary to produce

  • Gantt Charts showing the Project Schedule and Stage Schedules

Current solution

Over the years I have used various tools to produce these charts but I have now settled on Freemind and Microsoft Project 2010.

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Compute the RANK() for a group of records

Say for example that you have a table with transactions and you would like to index the records from 1…n on each supplier id and potentially at the same time do this in transaction date sequence.

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Three Sixty Material Design

Using the Material Design Bootstrap for the new version of ThreeSixty to conceptualize the design possible to make the user of the application easier for users. Have a look at and if you have any ideas those would be welcomed 🙂


To generate a logo of a Font Awesome Icon is real simple using the Logo Generator at MDB.

Below is the Three Sixty logo on the new proof on concept implementation based upon Google’s Material Design with the help of
2016-03-02 Pathfinder example logo

The first version released of the ThreeSixty web application to streamline the 360 review process for managers and employees.

Demo available at

Code available on GitHub

Stanley Plane for Christmas ;-)


Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point. C. S. Lewis

Maven support in WebLogic & JDeveloper 12.1.2

The following post by   details how to get the Maven Sync plugin by Oracle to push the Weblogic artifacts to Artifactory.

I used the procedure to upload the artifacts to Sonatype Nexus.

JSF Performance: Mojarra improves dramatically with latest release

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