I currently work in the financial industry as a Senior Java Developer specializing in Java Enterprise Edition 6 applications using the following technologies:-

  • Java Messaging Server (JMS)
  • Java Server Faces (JSF)
  • Context and Dependency Injection (CDI)
  • PrimeFaces
  • Oracle Weblogic 12c
  • Glassfish 3.1.2
  • JBoss 7.1.1

In my spare time I am currently reinstalling a small Dell Optiplex SX260 with Suse Linux 12.1 and learning a heck of a lot in the process. I am slowly changing my preference for a development environment from Windows 7 to a linux variant like Suse or Fedora.

I am also busy investigating / learning / experimenting with OSGi and the Disruptor concurrency framework and combing those with the FpML processing (currently using the HandCoded library).