Excellent blog about resolving project dependencies into a Shrinkwrap archive for Arquillian. Now I just hope Pax Exam takes note for OSGi testing.

Exit Condition

The use case which lead to the birth of the ShrinkWrap project may be summed up: identify deployments for simplified integration testing.

So we built an API which made it easy to group resources together in a single deployable unit:

JavaArchive archive = ShrinkWrap.create(JavaArchive.class, "deployment.jar")
   .addClass(MyEjb.class, MyCdiBean.class);

Combined with the Arquillian Test Platform which deploys objects like the above into Application Servers, Servlet Containers, and IoC Containers, the result is a full integration test which writes and executes like a unit test.  This is the heart of the Arquillian component model.

ShrinkWrap excels at filing byte-based content into a tree structure; that’s all a virtual filesystem does (or should do!).  But for a long while now there’s been a divide which has made testing more complex deployments difficult: you might not always have the content you want to insert on-hand.  Consider the following use cases:

  1. A CDI bean which has…

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