This version should actually be called JMS 1.2 since the minor changes and clarifications in the specification (a total of 18 defects). However these defects will address many of the frustrations that developers have had when trying to implement business critical software against the specification and I hope the clarification of interchangeability between JMS providers, i.e. JMS_SPEC-42.

Some my personal highlights are:-

JMS_SPEC-63 : The idea of a default connection factory (akin to the java:/ConnectionFactory in JBoss 7.x)

JMS_SPEC-7 : Similar to the HTTP and SOAP bindings that Oracle has in their Weblogic Server offering

JMS_SPEC-42 / 54 : Defining a standard way to define the message destination without the convoluted message-destination-link, although the message-destination-link will still be used if the current naming of resources between JBoss, Glassfish and Weblogic continues with the one application server requiring java:/ or java:jboss and the others not.

JMS_SPEC-56 : Although there is no mention of the reason for requesting allowing batches of messages to be delivered listeners, it seems like it was requested to improve performance, but probably opens more issues than it would solve since it would require the application developer to custom build logic to handle the different nuances when a failure occurs. A better alternative would be for example like Weblogic Server messaging, which has a process where it batches off a set of messages that is then delivered to the listeners.