I recently visited the Map4Life website because I saw the diary in Exclus1ve Books and thought I’d want to first have a look whether the purchase was was justified. In the introduction video clip the author mentioned the problem that some Olympic athletes have after accomplishing the goal of a gold medal. The post traumatic stress that the athletes experience, according to the author, is due to the fact the athlete does not have a goal to strive for after achieving the gold medal. The remedy proposed it have not one goal but a succession of goals.

In Kendo the word `Zanshin` relates to the pose taken after a move is executed and the state of mind so that the person is aware of the current opponent but is open to possible other opponents.

In `One arrow, one life: Zen, archery, enlightenment`, Zanshin is described as Zan can be translated to remaining or lingering. Shin can be translated to heart or mind. Often, Zanshin is referred to the follow-through in which the warrior is allowed to assess the quality of the shot taken by the bow and arrow but cannot linger or get stuck on this because he needs to follow through to the next shot. The implication is that the warrior as he moves from one shot to the next cannot become overwhelmed by the bad or the good shot since this had been completed but should rather follow through to the next shot in mind and body.

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One arrow, one life: Zen, archery, enlightenment
By Kenneth Kushner